What Should You Know About Linens?

What Should You Know About Linens?

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In today’s time, we use various kinds of cloth for many different activities. We dress ourselves in combinations of cotton and polyester. We put cloth on the table to keep it clean while we eat. Our work clothes are usually made of a different kind of cloth than our casual, everyday clothes. Swimsuits are made of a completely different material than yoga pants. Denim is used for clothing ranging from pants to jackets and everything in between. As with many of the examples above, many different kinds of cloth are used for many different kinds of clothing. For instance, we usually use different materials in the clothing we wear to work than we use as casual wear. One of the more common kinds of work clothes is a sturdy blend.

What Are the Benefits of Commercial Linen Services?

Many local linen companies use sturdy blends in a variety of their uniforms and other things that are made of cloth, such as aprons, tablecloths, bedsheets, and more. There are many benefits to using this over regular fabrics. A cotton blend is considerably stronger than cotton, given it keeps a similar texture to cotton. A blend also doesn’t conduct static and doesn’t cling to your skin. It allows airflow, meaning that your skin can breathe without having the fabric stuck to the skin all day. When you’re sleeping in a bed or wearing a uniform all day, this is a huge benefit. Blends can also absorb moisture fairly well, up to one-fifth of its weight before it begins to feel damp to the touch. This can be helpful when it is used as an apron or tablecloth. Many people also say that they feel cooler with this kind of fabric compared to cotton or silk as well as sweat less. This is another major benefit for bedsheets and aprons as well.

What Is Commercially Laundered Linen Used for?

Commercial linens can be used in a number of ways, though the most common are bedsheets, towels, tablecloths, and restaurant uniforms. It is often used in bedsheets in hotels to provide the guest a good night’s sleep away from home. The priorities of a hotel sheet is that it provides adequate comfort, doesn’t dirty easily, and looks good when it is cleaned properly. Most hotel pillowcases and towels are also fabric blends so they have to follow many of the same priorities as the hotel bedsheets.

In restaurants, the guests are going to be eating at the table so having a quality tablecloth can affect their experiences, based on the tablecloth. You will want your tablecloth to not show stains and can be easily cleaned. You can also get matching serviettes as well to make the table look even better. As for the uniforms in restaurants, the same priorities apply. Nobody wants to eat a restaurant where the chefs are sweaty and wear messy, stained uniforms. They want chefs who have crisp, easy to clean, lightweight uniforms and who can comfortably smile as they prepare your food.

Having the proper kind of linens in the proper situations can really make or break your customers’ experiences. Make sure that you have top-quality linens wherever and whenever you can, both for the comfort of the guest and the ease of your employees.



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