What Are The Major Causes Of Damaged Concrete?

What Are The Major Causes Of Damaged Concrete?

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Though reputed for being one of the sturdiest forms of foundation concrete can also be damaged by several causes. Waterlogging, constant corrosion of reinforced steel, the reaction from alkaline aggregate, blisters and above all old age are some of the most common causes responsible for damaging the concrete. Whether it’s the driveway or concrete slabs or even the beams, proper maintenance and repairing is a must if cracks are visible covering a longer section.

Let’s take a look at some of the major causes responsible for damaging the concrete—

Poor foundation

Often the concrete is found sinking in or forming hairline cracks because of the poor foundation. Perhaps the previous builders didn’t use the high-quality materials or may be the soil is sunken in for which the cemented concrete foundations are unable to maintain the uniformity and breaking down. It’s strongly suggested never to leave the cracks or swollen concretes like they’re. It’s needed to get fixed immediately by a team of concrete repairers.

Sinking foundation

Here’s the soil is responsible for the sinking in. Often the soil is not seasoned before putting the concrete on it for which often the concrete get’s swelled up forming gaps inside which is the prelude to the cracks or large holes. To avoid such consequences, call a professional that can slabjack or mudjack the concrete slabs and preserve it unlike before.

Post-flood damages

Flood causes immense damages not only to the living world but also to the houses and other properties. If your house is located ina flood-prone neighborhood where they experience flood annually during the rainy seasons or after a severe storm, then the foundations of the concrete can be severely damaged if not strategically constructed in the very beginning.

Corrosion caused by reinforced steel

The steel paths and rods that are often used for strengthening and supporting the concrete corrode the concrete because of the reinforcement. Over the years, it happens and leaves a question mark in front of the homeowners whether to fix it or leave it like that. Better you get it fixed by inviting a reliable concrete repairing specialist.

Damages caused by alkaline aggregate

The pipelines through which the electric wirings are passed often cause terrible harm to the concrete. Mostly they eject an alkaline-based substance causing the yellow marks and later on keep forming the cracks through constant corrosion.

Apart from all these reasons, lack of maintenance and constant bad weather, snow cladding etc are responsible for damaging the concrete.

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