Things to Consider While Hiring On-site Document Shredding Service

Things to Consider While Hiring On-site Document Shredding Service

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Data produced today is in colossal volumes, which at time makes it difficult to handle safely. It is crucial to know the information that has to be stored safely and destroy the remaining sensitive data.

Fortunately, paper shredding services have brought relief for financial companies, hospitals, and various other organizations where internal and client information is to be kept confidential.

Hiring shredding service randomly can be a big mistake because if the documents are not destroyed properly then it may get in wrong hands. Therefore, before hiring shredding services Houston consider the following factors.


Research and check the potential shredding services. Shredding is conducted to dispose sensitive material, which pose risk if it is left floating around. Handling needs to be given to professionals who can be trusted and relied on. The service also needs to have stringent employee hiring practice, which includes employment history of past 5 years and full criminal background. Many shredding companies have their employees who witness data destruction sign confidentiality agreements.


NAID certification ensures that the shredding service adheres to all needed government regulations, while shredding documents. It is mandatory to dispose data in a proper way or your company gets penalized for breaches of privacy law.

Data destruction certificate

Data destruction certificate is a guarantee to customers that all things have been destroyed properly. The information on data destruction certificate is itemized. Some explain process, specify option used [wiped, crushed, or shredded]. So, opt for a destruction company that provides data destruction certificate. It helps to build a strong bond and credibility with your consumers.


Validated shredding techniques

Document need to be shredded to small size making it impossible to read. Just shredding them in thin strips cannot ensure safe disposal. Have them crisscrossed in tiny pieces, which resembles graffiti ensures that no one will be able to recreate those documents.

Onsite mobile shredding process –

  • File disposal – Professionals place locked shredding consoles in your office to discard confidential documents securely. Whole files can be dropped without removing sticky notes, paper clips, or staples.
  • Document collection – Hired shredding service tailors a schedule on basis of your document disposal volume. They arrive on schedule with a shredding truck and transport the locked consoles to the truck.

  • Secure on-site destruction – You can verify document destruction on the closed-circuit monitor. The consoles are emptied with tipper mechanism inside the huge shredder. In the end, you get a data destruction certificate.

Post shredding rituals

After shredding the material is not just thrown away but goes for recycling. Thus, trees get protection just like your business, so this is a win-win situation for every business using shredding services.

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