The benefits of storing your documents off-site

The benefits of storing your documents off-site

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The documents that your company holds are absolutely crucial to your company’s ability to conduct its daily business. The downside to paper or hardcopy documents is that they are bulky and take up a lot of space, especially as a business grows. The ideal solution to this issue is off-site document storage. Off-site document management and storage is offered through document management companies who offer their services to help your company run at maximum efficiency.

The benefits of off-site document storage are plentiful, so we’ve gathered a few together for you to showcase some of these benefits:

Creating space

Perhaps one of the best reasons to use off-site document management and storage is that it will completely free up the space in your office that’s currently being overtaken by paperwork and file boxes. If you have a file room, that’s an entire room filled with paperwork which could be stored off-site. Large companies, especially, will suffer from having space taken up by file boxes and paperwork cabinets. Imagine how much extra room your company will have by storing those files off-site.

Keeping data private

Company records require security. Most companies have a habit of storing their paperwork wherever or having an unlocked file room with no security access. Secure document management requires a security system that has locks/keypads, surveillance cameras, and security personnel. If your business isn’t set up to be a secure records storage facility, you will benefit from using an off-site document storage company, who will have their own personal security system, with the expertise, knowledge, and resources to keep your important files as secure as possible.


Off-site storage is much more efficient that on-site storage for a business. You’ll use less office space (or hardly any office space at all, depending on how many files you send off to the document management company), and you’ll benefit from the other services that the off-site storage company offers you. These range from on-demand scanning, document shredding, and electronically sorted documents.


Using off-site document storage services makes maintaining lawful compliance easier and much more affordable for your business. Current data protection and privacy policy laws mean that companies need to be more meticulous than ever when they’re storing their company documents.


With many off-site document management services, you’ll be able to access your documents in an electronic format using a few keywords. These documents can be seen and edited in real time; which is perfect for meetings and presentations. The other benefit of off-site storage is that you can request your paperwork back at any time, and with the service’s barcode system, they can locate your documents quickly.

Just from these few points that we’ve highlighted for you, it’s easy to see how much your company can benefit from off-site document storage, when compared to storing your company’s records on-site. For many companies, they are legally required to keep paper documents, but that doesn’t mean that the documents need to remain at any of the company’s on-site locations.

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